Where is This


Where is This is my noise project that has been active since 2007. Spanning noise, harsh noise, pe, drone and HNW, there has been numerous releases since its first in 2009. The WiT Discogs page is regularly updated with any new releases. Also, regularly updated is the WiT Facebook page. To listen to some WiT, go to the WiT Bandcamp.

Below is not a discography, but a chronology (lookit me being fancy) of the Where is This records spanning 2007 – 2013. AS MORE RECENT WORKS ARE FINALISED, THEY WILL BE ADDED TO THIS LIST (which was done for a zine, but remained unused, so I thought I’d stick it up here).



In the Privacy of Your Own Home
(Recorded May 2007 – April 2008, released Nov 2009 on Bored Bear Recordings)  

You Dream About Work
(Recorded April – May 2008, as yet unreleased) 

Music You Speak of
(Recorded August – Dec 2008, due on Quagga Curious Sounds 2014) 

Where is This
(Recorded Oct 2008 – Sep 2009, released in Jan 2011 on Deadline Recordings) 

(Recorded sometime in 2008, April 2009 and in October 2009, released in April 2010 on Hoarse Records) 

Digital Fire
(Recorded Oct – Nov 2009, released April 2011 on KOVOROX SOUND) 

Karaoke Cemetery
(Recorded Nov 2009 – Jan 2010, released in May 2010 on Bored Bear Recordings) 

Narcissus at the Gym
(Recorded Jan – Feb 2010, released in April 2011 on Bored Bear Recordings) 

Elegant Domesticity
(Recorded March 2010, released in July 2010 on Side-A Records)

Barry Burton’s Burly Bear Burlesque
(Recorded March 2010, released September 2011 on Hoarse Records) 

Rue Des Lombards
(Recorded April – May 2010, released Feb 2012 on Bored Bear Recordings) 

Infinite Uh
(Recorded June – July 2010, released July 2010 on Bored Bear Recordings)

The Erection Section
(Recorded September 2010, released August 2011 on Quagga Curious Sounds)

Swimming Knives
(Recorded October 2010 and March 2011, released October 2011 on VNA)

High Definition Ghost
(Recorded October – December 2010, released Feb 2011 on Victimology Rec.)

Learning to Drown
(Recorded November 2008 – January 2011, released in October 2013 on Bored Bear Recordings)

Infinite Hum
(Recorded January and April 2011, released in January 2014 on The Tapeworm)

(Recorded February and August 2011, released September 2013 on Bored Bear Recordings)

Mercury Kisses
(Recorded January 2012, released in April 2012 on Sweet Solitude)

Pink Triangle (a.k.a. Brenda Power)
(Recorded September 2013, due for release in 2014 as part of Unlimited Drift’s Pink Triangle Series)

Nerve Endings
(Recorded December 2013, due for release as part of a 12cd box on Altar of Waste in 2014)

Stumbling Lips
(Recorded January 2014)


“Rivalry” (original version) – 26th February 2007 – unreleased

“Persuasion” (Throbbing Gristle cover) – 26th December 2008, reworked in 2013 – appears on A Tribute to T.G. released on Bored Bear Recordings
“Teenaged Experimentation” – 8th January 2010 – appears on split with Werewolf Jerusalem (BBR)
“Infinite Jest”s (I – V) and “…Pop Princess” – 17th June 2010 – appears on split with Zebra Mu (BBR)
“Live 1” – 31st July 2010 – on BBR soundcloud
“Parse Out” – 16th January 2011 – appears on SILENCE=DEATH queer noise c100 (BBR)

“Discipline” – 13th March 2011, reworked in 2013 – appears on A Tribute to T.G, released on Bored Bear Recordings.

“Ficxsyer Uphurr”, “Mirror Neuron” and “That’s It Then, Yeah?” – appear on my split with Clive Henry, released December 2012. The first track was done in April 2011, with the latter two in December 2011

“Loss of Belief (Children’s TV Shows)”, “Statement of Fact” and “Drowning in the Ball Pit” were recorded in August 2011 and will appear on History is Written by the Handsome, a split with Sleep of Ages due for release on Bored Bear Recordings in 2013.

“Your Weight in Base Metals”, “Body Work” and “The Resurrection (As I Was Saying)” were released on a split tape with thewhitehorse on Unlimited Drift in January 2013. “Body Work” was recorded in July 2012, whilst the other two tracks were recorded in April 2012.

“Since their families think they’re gay, Kurt and Ram, now dead and able to see life in its infinite complexity and recognise their ongoing autohomophobia decide to put it to rest by spending the rest of eternity fucking each other in heaven” will appear on the Heathers-themed 3xc20, “How Very” on Hair on My Food in early 2014. It was recorded in April 2013.


Where is This + fire island, AK – s/t (C40, recorded Jan – June 2010, released June 2010 on BTNR and Bored Bear Recordings)


There are two online interviews with me about the project. The first is on the Irish-based Second Square to None website and dates back to 2010. The second is the most up-to-date (and extensive) is by Roger Batty and is on his MusiqueMachine website and dates from January 2012. There is also a third interview in Big Whoop Zine #5 (from HairOnMyFood records) from 2011 but there is not online version of this available.

Second Square to None Interview (2010)Buy Big Whoop #5 (2011) / MusiqueMachine Interview (2012)

There have been three live gigs of Where is This. The first was the first Monsters of Rot fest in 2010, the second was Custard and Plums Night in 2011, the third was in The Thomas House in Dublin on 24th October 2013 and also on the line-up were Luxury Mollusc, Gen26, Java Delle, Wolfbait and Bird People.

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